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The following versions: 1.6 and 1.0 are the most frequently downloaded ones by the program users. Please download and install the latest version of . This led ultimately to a dramatic “speeding up” of evolution in genes controlling brain size and complexity. “People in many fields, including evolutionary biology, anthropology and sociology, have long debated whether the evolution of the human brain was a special event,” said senior author Bruce Lahn of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at the University of Chicago. “I believe that our study settles this question by showing that it was.” Lahn and his colleagues reported their data in a research article published in the December 29, 2004, issue of the journal Cell. They then obtained the rate of evolution for that gene by scaling the number of DNA changes to the amount of evolutionary time taken to make those changes.

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The more answers that one gives correctly, the higher their score. You’ll need to enable Javascript and cookies to participate. The object of the game is devilishly simple; click on every square not containing a nova to achieve victory. In addition to uncovering the overall trend that brain-related genes — particularly those involved in brain development — evolved significantly faster in the human lineage, the study also uncovered two dozen “outlier” genes that might have made important contributions to the evolution of the human brain.


The latest research has shown that the use of memory and puzzle games can help create new pathways in the brain, keeping the mind sharp, or at least more limber. What’s more, you can also publish a Web page to your .Mac account from within the games, highlighting your scores in each of the games. George Washington law professor and economist Neil H. This means that selection has worked “extra-hard” during human evolution to create the powerful brain that exists in humans.

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Individually, they’ll track your progress—games you’ve won, answers you’ve gotten correct and so forth—creating a percentage tally that shows you your overall “brain usage.€ The better you do, the higher the number, so you have an excuse to go back and replay games over and over again. They’re all gorgeously rendered with 3-D graphics, feature Freeverse’s trademark irreverent wit and humor, and tie together quite well. Sponsor: WorldClock ProMultiple Time Zones Mastered

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The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. There is also a timer involved that dictates the amount of bonus points given for clearing a board.

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Posted and Get Satisfaction uses Javascript and cookies. Trial version Mac OS X 3K 3K 0 English 1.0 210.59 MB . The researchers focused their study on 214 brain-related genes, that is, genes involved in controlling brain development and function.